Germany FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Champion!

I know it’ s late but whatever – still my team Germany won, Champion in the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil!!! Awesome!

Sorry to Argentina lost just by a mere one(1) goal. Sorry to one of the greatest footballer, Lionel Messi. Next world cup then for you.

Sorry again to the host Brazil for the really REALLY DISSAPPOINTING semi final with Germany, 1-7 trashing!!!

Okay, that is all for now. Just want to update this old blog. It’s paid and better use it right. Duhh. LOL.


Happy sunday?

Well, should be a happy Sunday coz I am a positive guy and I simply do not like to be in the sad moment.

Unfortunately, it is not as happy as I would hope. I am in the office working. I miss my kids and wife at home. I am not complaining; It is just sometimes I got really fed up with all this weekend work. I should be at home with my family and time to relax.

Well, that is me. To those who have known me long enough or follow my previous posts, which are like years ago for this blog not been updated … it is my normal shift job. Work on most weekend, off days on normal day, where everyone else goes to work. Damn!!!

*above pic from: fannit (searched in google)

Galaxy Tab 10.1 rescued!!

Hola just want to make quick update here … I have just rescued my Galaxy Tab 10.1 from throwing it all the way inside the rubbish bin!!

Hooray. Thanks to wife for taking the time to search the information in the internet. Just by a simple “Hardware reset”, boom, it is back alive again.

Happy happy happy. No pictures for now but yes it is functioning and it is updating all the softwares now through our office WIFI. Haha.

I Lost something valuable!!

Oh man. I just lost my one and only memorable thing. The only limited scarf just for us. Sad but true.

Still, even with all the sadness and emotions, I do not know how to express it here. I just type whatever comes out from my head now. This is what blogging is about, I guess so.

I know there is no single reader here in my blog, which I do not really mind because I have been out of blogging and jump into Facebook for so long. Interestingly, I kind of have to go on blogging just because I ALREADY PAID THIS. Hahaha. Continue reading

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